About This Blog

Why Should You Care About Critical Metals?

“It would be no exaggeration to say that without minerals, no aspect of our daily lives would be possible.”

- United States Geological Survey

I started this blog to create a conversation about the importance, use, supply and political dynamics of metals considered critical to all of us, every day. We cannot get through a day in our lives without them.

The world is growing and developing. Technology is growing exponentially. At the same time, we need to solve complex problems to sustain the planet and the human race. None of this is possible without dependable, economic supplies of metals—especially critical metals.

The more we understand and accept this dependence, the more we can find ways to sustainably explore for, mine and process critical metals. 

So let’s get on with it and do the job right.


A Bit About Me

Terry Dove


I'm a bit like Oliver Sacks in his classic book Uncle Tungsten...meaning I've always been fascinated by metals - how we get them, what they're used for, the political and social considerations, their absolute necessity in our lives. Everything. The good, the bad. And yes, the ugly.

I have worked as a communications consultant to the mining industry for over 30 years, advising firms from major internationals to tiny startup explorers. I'm a writer, marketer and photographer who loves getting out in the wild, pestering geology eggheads and kicking rocks around. Just as I love digging into the issues and stories that make this industry so compelling. The learning curve and narratives never end, so I simply keep going. Especially now that critical metals have become so...well, critical.

I'm also a graduate of the Canadian Securities Course with a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. This rather odd combination has helped me understand and report on the investment side of mining - which has its own never-ending learning curve.

I'm flattered and grateful that you have joined me in this journey. Let's learn something, together.